Office Mission

In supporting the mission of Tufts University, the School of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering, and the Division of Student Affairs, the Office for Campus Life aims to foster a balance for all students between curricular and co-curricular opportunities.  In recognizing that an essential part of a student’s growth takes place outside of the classroom, the Office for Campus Life strives to provide all Tufts students with exceptional programs, services, and opportunities to create well-rounded, independent thinkers who become effective leaders in college and beyond.

Our Motto:  The Key to Life is Balance

The staff of the Office for Campus Life is committed to advocating for students; serving in a collaborative partnership encouraging self-governance, involvement, responsibility, empowerment and accountability through the following values:


  • Offer diverse leadership opportunities for all students complementing the educational process beginning in the classroom.
  • Prepare students to be leaders in society and contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.
  • Model collaborative leadership by working in partnership with campus departments, students, student organizations, and members of the Tufts community.


  • Recognizing our student’s first priority is their academic experience.
  • Provide intentional learning opportunities for growth and development.
  • Educate student leaders and student groups on effective student organization management; including fiscal responsibility, group dynamics and event execution.


  • Provide a variety of educational and social programs designed to meet the diverse needs and expectations of the campus community.
  • Offer continual support services for program management.
  • Serve as a programming resource center for all student organizations.

Customer Service

  • Provide consistent quality in customer services through facilities and programs.
  • Provide an accessible, clean, safe, healthy and secure Campus Center as well as other student organization facilities.
  • Offer up-to-date, timely and accessible information services and processes.