Food Truck Event Protocol

Food Trucks are becoming a regular addition on campus to many student organization events.  While the University wants to support the idea of food trucks, there are some policies that must be followed to secure a food truck(s) as part of any on campus event.  When thinking of brining a food truck(s) as a part of your event please review the following guidelines.  As always the Office for Campus Life is a great place to start with questions.

Food Truck Guidelines for any Student Organization or Campus Department:

  1. Food Trucks may be brought to campus in support of a scheduled event, but are NOT the event itself.
  2. Contact Office for Campus Life 4 weeks prior to food truck event with details on your event. (Note:  Approval from Tufts Dining will be required).
  3. Register Event Space and Truck(s) – via the Space and Resource Reservation System.
  4. Attend Office for Campus Life Friday Event Registration Meeting for further discussion of plans and final approval.
  5. City of Somerville Location: student organization/department must have the Food Truck Company contact the City of Somerville to apply for food truck permit.  Food truck company will then be notified (authority having jurisdiction) to get the fire safety permit (inspection of the truck)
  6. City of Medford Location: Student Organization/Department must contact Office for Campus Life for further details.
  7. Parking: Student Organization/Department must email with “Food Truck Permit” in the subject line for Tufts parking permit.
  8. Permits: Must be displayed on food truck’s window and visible to the public.
  9. Student Organizations should always adhere to the Student Organization Fundraising Policy.
  10. Food Truck companies must adhere to all University guidelines and may not be approved based on past history.