Forms and Policies

Please see below for links and information on several forms and departments to help support student organization event planning.  Scroll to the bottom for a list of important policies.

A/V Request (Tufts University Department) To order A/V items for your upcoming event, this must be submitted at least 10 business days before your event.  Many space already have AV built in.  Please inquire with the Office for Campus Life or AV Services prior to making request.

Event Planning Worksheet
This form needs to be completed and turned in at the Event Registration meetings on Friday at 10 AM in Room 203 of the Campus Center. If you would like to be invited to a meeting for an event on campus or questions about an upcoming event, please e-mail OCL.

Existing Student Organization Annual Registration
Every year, your student organization must re-register through the OCL. Please make sure only one member registers for the entire group.

Facilities Work Order Request
Do you need an event set-up? To order tables & chairs? Any facilities request, can be filled out on this form and turned into the OCL office or e-mailed to OCL at least 2 weeks before your event. Facilities needs are also determined at Event Registration Meetings.

IDR (Inter-Departmental Requisition)
IDR forms can be picked up at the TCU Senate Office. Review IDR Directions for detailed information on how to complete an IDR. IDRs are forms that pay for services between departments.

New Student Organization Application
Fall semester only. Newly formed student groups may apply for TCU recognition by filling out the attached form and e-mailing it to the OCL to sign up for an informational session.

On-Campus Room/Space Reservation
Tufts Space & Resource Reservation System is the campus-wide space reservation system to reserve rooms, event spaces, Mayer Campus Center tables and Mayer Campus Center vans. Only registered student organizations and departments have access; if you are having issues, make sure you have re-registered for the year or contact the OCL.

Tufts University Performance Agreement/Contract*
Are you bringing an outside guest to perform a service on-campus? An agreement is required to be filled out by every vendor before your event. Many vendors have their own performance contract, this can be used in replace of our contract, and this must turned into the OCL office for approval. Please make sure they also fill out an Independent Contractor Form and a W-9 (if needed).

Ticket Sales Contract
To sell tickets at the Information Booth or TuftsTickets on-line, fill out and submit the contract through our online form. If you need more detailed information regarding ticket sales, select here.

Travel Registration Form
Must be filled out for any student organization trips and turned into the OCL office for approval.

Vendor Application
Outside company/vendor application only. All outside vendors who would like to promote their business or sell products within the Campus Center, please fill out the on-line application to set-up vending dates.

W-9 Vendor Application*
If they are a new vendor to campus, they will need to fill out the following form to be paid for their services. If you are not sure your vendor needs to fill out a W-9 form contact Monica Pontes at 617-627-3873.

TCU Treasury Forms – Turn in all the forms below to the TCU Treasury Office in Campus Center Room 217.
Independent Contractor Form*
– To pay vendors for services or goods. Don’t forget to have them sign a Performance Contract (above). If this is after the event, you must have an invoice attached.
Credit Card Application
– If you need to use the TCU Credit Card.
Deposit Form
– To have funds deposited into your student organization’s account.
Reimbursement Form
– If you paid for items with your own personal finances for your student organization. Is your receipt under $50? Select Petty Cash at the bottom, you will be able to bring up your slip with receipt to the Student Services Desk in Dowling Hall, instant cash!
Student Support Fund Application
The SSF is to help cover the financial costs of an off-campus activity that has been approved by the Allocations Board.  
Supplementary Funding
– Requests for unforeseen funding needed for your student organization.
Transfer Funds Forms:
Transfer funds within the university.
Between TCU Groups
Between TCU Group & Departments

Disburse Charity Funds
Get a check for your charity; make sure to follow the Charity Policies found below.
Tufts Daily Requisition Form
– Place an ad in the Daily. (See TCU Treasury for form)
Gnomon Copy Form – Get copies made. (See TCU Treasury for form)

*To guarantee a vendor will be paid on time for your event, the * forms must be turned in AT LEAST 3 weeks before your event.

Policies to assist and guide student organizations.  For a list of all University policies please refer to the Student Affairs website.
Campus Posting & Advertising
Event Guests & Capacities
Event Management Pricing
Food Vending and Distribution Policy
Food Truck Event Policy
Fundraising Policy  (Crowdfunding Information/Application for Student Organizations)
Gaming and Gambling
Gatherings, Demonstrations, Protests and Disturbances
Political Activities
Solicitation, Vending and Distribution
Student Organization Privileges and Responsibilities
Student Organization Websites
Tufts Policy on Hazing
Use the Tufts University Name

On-Campus Event Spaces Policies & Procedures