Booth Ticket Sales

  • All TCU recognized and OCL registered student organizations MUST sell tickets through the Information Booth, Tufts Tickets On-line or Cohen Box Office.
  • Complete and submit a Ticket Sales Contract to the OCL at least one week (to the day) in advance of the ticket sales start date for approval, scheduling, and pricing. Contracts submitted less than one week in advance will be subject to a $25 late fee.
  • OCL will contact the seller to confirm their requests for tickets. Do not advertise that tickets will be on sale until you have a signed contract.
  • Tickets will go on sale at the Information Booth and on-line on the start date and be removed on the stop date on the contract.
  • Tickets cannot be released from the Booth, but you can charge at the door at the time of your event.
  • The Office for Campus Life will not be responsible for discrepancies in ticket amounts if anyone changes the amount of tickets to be sold from the tickets after the initial contract.
  • OCL will verify sales and calculate the proceeds for the group minus the sales fee. All proceeds will be transferred to the organization’s account by internal transfer. No cash will change hands at any time.
  • The Office for Campus Life will be responsible for the accuracy of cash sales and JumboCash only. Any other method of payment (e.g. by check) is not accepted.
  • Information Booth staff will check for Tufts ID prior to sale of tickets unless otherwise instructed on the contract.
  • The Office for Campus Life reserves the right to reject requests for ticket sales or stop selling tickets for a particular event.
  • Any questions should be directed to the the Associate Director for Campus Life.
  • Ticket Sales Fees will be $25 per event.

To distribute/sell tickets, fill out the Ticket Sales Contract and e-mail it to Laura DaRos, Associate Director for Campus Life or hand it in to the OCL office.