Tufts Tickets


Tufts Tickets is the student organization ticketing system managed by the Office for Campus Life. All student organizations must use the Tufts Tickets system for selling and distributing tickets for student organization events. (Note: For events in Aidekman (Cohen Theatre) student organizations may use the Cohen Box Office ticket service; contact Cohen Box Office for information).

Getting A Tufts Ticket Account:
All undergraduate students should set up a Tufts Ticket account at www.tuftstickets.com. You will log in with your Tufts username and password.  You must create an account after logging in if  you don’t already have one.   You must use your Tufts E-Mail address when setting up your account.

Frequently Asked Questions for Purchasing Tickets through Tuftstickets.com.
If these answers do not help please contact the Office for Campus Life at ocl@tufts.edu.

  • When I try to purchase tickets it says “tickets are not available for my user type.”

– Tufts events tickets can only be accessed by Tufts currently enrolled full-time students, so  you must create an account using your tufts.edu account to view and purchase any tickets.
– Tickets may not be on sale yet, check the ticket sale date & time found on the event ticket page.

  • How can I pay for tickets?

– All on-line ticket purchases are credit card only and will be subject to a $1.50 convenience fee.
– Some tickets are also available for purchase at the Campus Center Information Booth. The Information Booth accepts cash and Jumbocash.

  •  Should I get a confirmation?

– YES! When you purchase tickets (free or for cost) on TuftsTickets you should get an immediate confirmation. If you do not get a confirmation then something went wrong with your order or you did not hit “checkout” and you do not have a ticket. You will need to try again. It is your responsibility to save your confirmation in case anything goes wrong when you go to print out your ticket for the event.

  •  Can I exchange or get a refund for my ticket?

– All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  •  I cannot print my e-ticket from my account.

– Please email the OCL at ocl@tufts.edu with the subject line: “Tuftsticket Problem.” You should always print out your ticket prior to the event, allowing enough time to contact the OCL should you have any conflicts printing your ticket.

  •  When do I need my ticket?

– You will need your printed E-ticket or hard copy Information Booth ticket to enter the event. you will also need a valid Tufts ID to enter any ticketed event.

  •  Are tickets sold out?

– Please refrain from using the back button or closing the window in the middle of a transaction.
– Do not use another ticket from a Tufts student. We check IDs to the name on the tickets and you will not be able to attend an event if it is not your ticket.


  • I am logged into my tufts.edu account, but still getting an error message stating “Tickets are not available for my user type.”

– All current seniors who are 21 years of age as of the day of the event can attend senior nights. If you meet this criteria please e-mail the OCL at ocl.@tufts.edu.
– Senior status is designated by the Registrar’s Office to purchase Senior Class Event tickets; this can be the issue. Please email ocl@tufts.edu.


All questions regarding Tufts Tickets should go to the OCL at ocl@tufts.edu with the subject line “Tuftsticket Problem.” An OCL representative will assist you within 24 hours of receiving your message.
Please feel free to send us a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing.