Paying for Event Expenses

Student organizations are required to pay fees for event management services. Other fees may be imposed depending on the nature of the event.
OCL 2016-2017 Event Management Pricing Information.

A/V Services
All A/V needs need to be requested on-line at least 10 business days before your event. All requests later than 10 business days can result in late charges.

You must fill out the Catering Order Form (on their website) and send an IDR (Interdepartmental Requisition) to Catering at 89 Curtis Street. You may pick up an IDR at the TCU Senate office.

Fill out the Facilities Work Order form and e-mail or drop it off to the OCL. We can assist you in all your facilities needs.

OCL Event Staff
We accept all payments via IDR (Interdepartmental Requisition), please drop it off at the OCL office.

Send an IDR (Interdepartmental Requisition) to TUPD at 419 Boston Ave. You may pick up an IDR at the TCU Senate Office.

Paying Outside Vendors/Companies and Purchasing Goods and Services
Please refer to the TCU Treasury Procedures Manual and also visit the OCL Financial Office in Campus Center Room 213 for information and procedures for paying outside vendors.  Please refer to the Tufts University Purchasing Office website  for information on purchasing goods and services, as well as a list of University strategic partners and preferred suppliers.

An Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) must be filed with each department at least three weeks in advance.