Privileges and Responsibilities

Student Organizations that have officially been recognized through the TCU Judiciary hold certain privileges and are responsible for certain guidelines.  Other student organizations operating through the support of a department are also held to these standards.

Student Organization Privileges:
-Use of the Tufts University Name
-Listed on University Lists of Student Organizations
-Participation in Annual Student Organizations Fair
-Access to Post Events on the Student Organization Calendar
-Access to Space Reservation System and Ability to Reserve Space and Host Events
-Access to Services from University Departments
-Option to Apply for TCU Treasury Funding

Student Organization Responsibilities:
-Must comply with regulatory and procedural guidelines contained on this Office for Campus Life website, the Code of Conduct and the Student Handbook, as well as the TCU Judiciary, Senate and Treasury rules and regulations for student organizations
-Members must comply with the rules and regulations of their student organization
-Officers of student organizations must be in good standing in matters of discipline and academics.  A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required.  Students on leave are not eligible to serve as an organization officer or participate as an active member
-Register with the Office for Campus Life each year and adhere to the TCU Judiciary annual re-recognition guidelines.
-Attend annual mandatory student organization meetings and trainings.
-Agree not to obstruct or interfere with any regularly sponsored or official function of the University.  Violations could lead to disciplinary action against the organization and the students involved

Student Organization Approval Dates and Deadlines:
-Events and programs will not be approved until the first day of classes each academic year.  Student Organization events are not allowed during Undergraduate Orientation unless approved through the Undergraduate Orientation Office as a part of Undergraduate Orientation programming
-Events and programs will not be approved following the last day of classes each semester.  Events will not be approved during reading days or final exam periods
-The final day to make requests for space reservations each academic year is mid-April, date TBA.
-Student organizations do not have event privileges during the summer months or semester break.  Budget and finance processing for student organizations also ends on the final day of classes in the spring semester and will not resume again until the first day of classes in the fall semester.

Student Organization Judicial Procedures:
If the conduct of a student organization results in violations of policy the student organization may be subject to disciplinary action.  Constitutional violations and general student organization policy violations will be heard by the TCU Judiciary.  Club Sports cases will be heard by the Club Sports Council/Athletic Department representatives, and Graduate student organizations must adhere to the guidelines of the Graduate Student Council. University policy violations by student organizations may be subject to disciplinary actions through the Student Judicial Process.  Student organizations have the right to appeal judicial decisions to the Committee on Student Life (CSL).  Appeals must be presented to the CSL within 10 days of the original judicial decision.