Program/Event Types

Programs/Event Types

General Events on Campus
Most student organization sponsored programs and events will take place on campus for Tufts students only within a one to four hour block of time. Student organizations should follow all event registration guidelines listed in this Roadmap and on the Office for Campus Life website in planning and executing their events.
NOTE:  Special Guidelines for Food Trucks at student organization events.

Off Campus Event
Student organizations may be interested in hosting a Tufts University sponsored event at an off campus location. These events are often social events held at a hotel, club or conference facility. While these events are generally allowed there are a few guidelines and policies that must be followed. Any student organization looking to host an event at an off campus location must contact the Office for Campus Life prior to any planning. These events usually require contract negotiation (please refer to Contracts for Goods and Services on Page 5). All other policies stated in this Roadmap, including guest policy, ticket policy, alcohol policy etc. apply to off campus events.

Multi-Day/Full Weekend Events on Campus
Some student organizations will request permission for multi-day or full weekend events. These include conferences, competitions or meetings.   Often these types of events also include significant numbers of participants from off campus. While we welcome these types of events and their participants to Tufts University, they often use significant campus resources and take extra planning and coordination. All other regular scheduled campus functions and events will take priority over these types of events and based on timing, numbers of participants and available resources a specific program of this nature may not be approved. Student organizations seeking to host a multi-day event must get prior approval from the Office for Campus Life before any planning of the event can begin. Note: Depending on the type of event and spaces being used the guest policy guidelines may be waived for a multi-day event. Please contact the Office for Campus Life for details.

City Wide/Open Floor Plan Events
Student organizations may request to host City Wide/Open Floor Plan events with Tufts students and students from other local universities. Admission to City Wide/Open Floor Plan events is open to college students and requires a current university or college photo ID. For these City Wide/Open Events metal detectors are available at the request of hosting student organization and/or at the discretion of Tufts University Police department in consultation with the Office for Campus Life and the Dean of Student Affairs office. Metal detecting equipment may be required depending on the size of the event and the method of advertising.

  • City Wide events are only permitted in Hotung Café in the Mayer Campus Center on Friday or Saturday evenings in a four hour block starting at 9 pm or 10 pm. There is a maximum capacity of 200. Doors are required to close no later than 12 midnight and music must end fifteen minutes prior to event end time. Note: City Wide events sponsored by a Tufts University student organization will not be permitted at an off campus location.
  • As with any event, all requests for City Wide/Open events are handled individually. Due to the added logistics of these events and the need for administrative staffing, requests must be turned in to the Space and Resource reservation system at least one month in advance. All necessary paperwork associated with the event must be at least two weeks prior to the event.  If thinking of planning a City Wide please contact the Office for Campus Life ahead of time to start planning.
  • Organization members are required to meet with OCL staff at least one month in advance to begin planning logistics for their event. Final approval will be granted or denied after a review of request by TUPD and OCL.  Note:  Due to the need for administrative staffing a City Wide event request may be denied or have to move to another date.  Please work with OCL early on in planning these events.
  • All professional security costs, including the use of metal detecting equipment, should it be requested or required, will be borne by the University.
  • Student Event Staff is required and the sponsoring organization will be responsible for a the Campus Life Event Staff fee.   This will be paid through an IDR.
  • Ticket sales in advance and/or at the venue Information Booth the night of the event will be required through Tufts Tickets.
  • City Wide events will not be permitted the first two weekends of the academic year.
  • Food in Hotung Cafe must be provided by Tufts Catering, however organizations may purchase and pass out water.  Please work with OCL on other food questions for these events.
  • 3 (three) City Wide Events are allowed per semester.  At the beginning of each semester OCL will work with student organizations who traditionally sponsor City Wide events to plan upcoming dates and ensure equal opportunity.