Student Organizations

SUMMER 2016 MESSAGE to Student Organizations!

Student organizations at Tufts serve both an educational and social function, offering students the opportunity to engage with other students and develop valuable communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. With overĀ 300 organizations to choose from, students are able to come together on political and cultural issues, as well as individual interests. One of the primary functions of the Office for Campus Life is to provide organizations with the resources to grow and develop. Below, please find resources to help your organization prosper at Tufts.

COMING IN MID-AUGUST 2016, Registration for the 2016-2017 Year.

Student Organization Annual Registration and Mandatory Meeting Information:

Please make sure only one member of your group registers for the entire group.

Fall Student Organizations Fair Information

Fall Executive Summit and TCU Treasury Meeting Information

Student Organization Resources:

Student Organization Events Calendar

List of Student Organizations

The Roadmap: Student Organization Resource Guide

Starting a New Student Organization

Link to EthicsPoint, Anonymously Report Student Organization Hazing