Start a New Student Organization

Before You Start:

NOTE:  The Fall 2016 Application Phase has now ended.

Currently, there are 300+ student organizations at Tufts University, representing both undergraduate and graduate students.  While the Office for Campus Life, TCU Senate, and the Graduate Student Council fully support students’ extracurricular experiences, they also have a responsibility to the University regarding the resources needed to manage such a large number of organizations.  Should you have an idea for a new organization, and follow the procedures below. Note: Not all new student organizations will be approved, based on several factors, including but not limited to the number of similar organizations, the interest and sustainability, and the use of campus resources. The New Student Organization process is a Fall semester process only. Applications are available for a limited time each fall semester.

Questions to consider:
1. Does your organization overlap with any existing organizations?
2. What makes it different from similar organizations?
3. Are you starting…
….a graduate student group?
Contact the Graduate Student Council.
….a club sport?
Contact Branwen Smith-King, the Assistant Director of Athletics.
….a religious group?
Contact the University Chaplain’s Office.
….a performance/entertainment group? Contact Joe Golia, Director of Campus Life.

Starting a New Student Organization

To apply for a new recognized undergraduate student organization please follow the simple procedures listed below:  NOTE:  The Fall 2016 Application Phase has now ended.

Step 1: Office for Campus Life/Director of the Office for Campus Life

  1. Fill out the New Student Organization Application Form.  NOTE:  The Fall 2016 Application Phase has now ended
  2. Attend a New Organization Information Meeting held in the fall semester. (on-line application process will allow you to sign up for one of these meetings, meetings will be held at 9:30 am in Campus Center 219 on designated Mondays).  When you complete your on-line registration (opens mid-August) you will request a date for the Information Meeting. Information meetings for Fall 2016 will be held on September 19, September 26, October 3, October 17 and October 24.  There are a limited number of spots for each date.  
  3. Director of the Office for Campus Life will either ask you for further information to pursue your organization status or grant you temporary recognition. Temporary recognition states that you are in the process of seeking approval for a new organization and allows you to reserve a meeting room through Tufts Space & Resource Reservation System for the purpose of gathering members, preparing a constitution, and gathering ideas for events/programs.

NOTE:  At this time, your organization is NOT an officially recognized organization and may not be officially approved by the TCUJ.  Depending on the number of new organizations seeking approval, the process can take the entire fall semester.  Please be patient.

Step 2: Recognition and the TCUJ, Tufts Community Union-Judiciary

The next step is to meet with the Tufts Community Union-Judiciary located in Mayer Campus Center Room 205. The Tufts Community Union-Judiciary (TCUJ) is the branch of the TCU student government responsible for the rulings of constitutionality on the actions of the TCU-Senate and other student organizations. The TCUJ is also responsible for officially recognizing all Tufts undergraduate student organizations. See their website for more information on the Recognition process.  The TCUJ New Organization Chair will be in contact with you following the New Organization Information Meeting to set up the next meeting with the TCUJ.

Step 3: Recognition Notification

Your group will be notified by the TCUJ regarding your recognition status.

Step 4: Registering Your New Organization

The Office for Campus Life is required by the University to register all TCU recognized organizations. The act of registration implies that a student organization obligates itself to abide by all the rules and regulations of the University pertaining to student organizations. These rules and regulations are specified throughout this manual and in The Pachyderm, the official handbook for undergraduate students.

In addition, the Office for Campus Life maintains a list of student leaders in order to extend invitations to participate in leadership programs and to connect students to a group they may be interested in joining.

Registration is required to gain access to the privileges of recognition. These privileges include:
• Scheduling and use of University facilities
• Option to apply to the TCU for funding
• Recruiting members at the Student Activities Fair

TCUJ recognized organizations that fail to register with the Office for Campus Life may lose the privileges above.

Registration does not imply or indicate Tufts University sponsorship or approval of the activities of the organization and does not serve as a substitute for recognition by the TCUJ.

All recognized organizations must re-register each semester with the Office for Campus Life.

Should your organization not be officially recognized, you may attempt the process again during the following fall semester.