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Joe Golia

Director for Campus Life

I have been at Tufts University as the Director of Campus Life since the summer of 2008. As the Director I oversee the entire Campus Life Operation. I advise the TCU Senate, Judiciary and Elections Commission. I have oversight over the entire student organization system, consisting of over 300 active student groups. I assist student organizations with their many event production needs and happy to help any student organization looking for assistance. I also lead the effort for planning and implementing the annual Undergraduate Orientation program, including our amazing Tufts Pre-Orientation programs. I am here to help!

Christa Ricker

Associate Director for Campus Life/ Director of Outdoor Programs

I joined the OCL part-time in 2012 as The Program Director for Tufts Wilderness Orientation. Since then I have moved into a full-time role of first Assistant and now Associate Director for Campus Life, as well as Director of Outdoor Programs. My work continues to include working with TWO, along with the eight other Pre-Orientation programs offered at Tufts, and general undergraduate orientation. Much of my work focuses on the First-Year experience and leadership development, topics I am incredibly passionate about. I also advise Tufts Mountain Club, one of Tufts largest student organizations, and help them in the mission to get more Tufts students outdoors! My office is upstairs from the OCL in room 208, please stop by and say hello!

John Wescott

Associate Director for Campus Life - Programming

I have been working at Tufts since January 2017 when I joined the team as Assistant Director. Now, as Associate Director, I oversee social programming for the office, including advising the Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC) and their annual events such as Fall Gala, Spring Fling, and Senior Week. I also support our 300+ student organizations and their events, and directly advising all performance and publication groups. In addition, I assist with social events during Orientation, direct our graduate intern program, and manage communication and marketing strategies for the Office for Campus Life. I am happy to help with any programming or student organization advising needs you may have, so feel free to stop on by the OCL to chat!

Chelsea Jordan

Assistant Director for Campus Life - Operations

I have been working at Tufts since September of 2019. I am responsible for the daily operation and management of the Mayer Campus Center and Information Booth operations.  I serve as the main supervisor for all Campus Life student employees.  I oversee processes regarding selection, training and development of approximately 50 student employees each year. I mange the TuftsTickets system and work regularly with student organizations and departments on their event ticket needs.  I serve as the Chair of the weekly Event Registration Meetings and support all student organizations regarding their event planning needs.  I serve as the Campus Life administrative contact to LCS, the Leonard Carmichael Society and the Rez Cafe.   I also serve as a contact to all cultural student organizations and assist when needed with their event planning.  I manage the City Wide event program and work with student organizations on adhering to all guidelines for a successful City Wide event.  I supervise the Campus Life Operations Graduate Assistant and support that position in their work of managing all aspects of our Event Staff program.  Finally, I serve as the administrative advisor for the FOCUS Pre-Orientation program.  Stop by and say hi!

Dianara Rivera

Operations Coordinator

I have been working in Campus Life since November 2019.  As the Operations Coordinator I am in charge of the Central Operations of the Campus Life Office and serve as the first friendly welcome into the office.   My job includes supporting all Campus Life administrative staff as well as supporting the Campus Life student employees, including direct supervision of the Office Assistants.  A large part of my job is coordinating the student organization Event Registration process.  I am in regular communication with Student Organization representatives about their event planning needs.  I assist in coordinating the weekly Event Registration meetings and serve as the student organization contact for reservation and event planning questions.  I also manage the Vendor/Tabling program that occurs in the Campus Center lobby.  You can find me at the front of the Campus Life office which is where my desk is located, so please feel free to stop by anytime!

Abby DeMarkey

Operations Graduate Intern

The Office for Campus Life welcomes Abby DeMarkey as the 2020-2021 Graduate Intern for Operations.  Abby will assist OCL staff with many operational aspects of the office as well as event management.  Abby is excited to begin her time at Tufts and in OCL in late August 2020.


Programming Graduate Intern

Currently the Programming Graduate Intern Position for 2020-2021 is TBA.

Annie Wong

Campus Life Financial Office - Business Manager

I have been at Tufts University since October 2004.  As the Business Manager of Campus Life Financial Office, I establish the policy and procedures for all the student organizations on campus including the Graduate Student Council.  I manage the financial aspects and budget for the student organizations and responsible for developing, tracking, and reporting on financial matters for all groups. I also advise and train our students on University policies and proper procedures related to the financial services regulations.  I am happy to help with any financial related questions you may have.  My office is upstairs in room 214, please feel free to stop by any time.

Emilia Muljadi

Campus Life Financial Office - Budget and Fiscal Administrator

I have been working in the Campus Life Financial Office since October 2015. I work very close with student leaders for all the student organizations on campus. I train and educate them on University policies, procedures, and day to day operations.  Assist the students to resolve their financial issues with all relevant parties both internal and external. Handle the reimbursements and cash flow for over 300 groups.  I am also responsible for maintaining the financial records and performing monthly reconciliation.  I am happy to help in any way I can.