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Here is what to expect at these meetings:

Tentative Status

Reservations made in the Tufts Space & Resource Reservation System are first coded as “tentative.” This will not allowed any other person to book this space at this time. The space will be held tentative until you or your organization’s representative attends the weekly Event Registration Meeting or the corresponding department confirms your event.

Weekly Event Registration Meetings

After you have reserved a space on campus, you may be invited to a weekly event registration meeting, depending on event type and scheduled space, held every Friday morning at 10 AM in Campus Center Room 203. If invited to an event registration meeting, attendance is mandatory otherwise your event can be cancelled. Please bring a filled out Event Planning Worksheet with you to the meeting.

Special Permission

Events to be held in a residence hall must be approved by the Office of Residential Life and Learning. Events to be held in Dewick-MacPhie Dining Hall, Hotung Café, or Farkas Commons must be approved by Tufts Dining and the Office for Campus Life. Food Trucks at events require additional approval.  Official approval will not be granted until a review of event at the Friday Event Registration Meeting.

Confirmed Reservations

Following a review of your event at this meeting and official approval by all University representatives your will be officially confirmed. A confirmation email will be sent to the applicant once this reservation process is completed. You should keep a copy of this confirmation for your records and have it available at your event.

NOTE: The ending time for all events will be decided in advance by the sponsor, the Academic & Event Scheduling Coordinator and the TU Police Department. The University reserves the right to dictate closing times for all facilities on campus and end events early as deemed necessary.