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Registration & Approval

  • All Student Organization events must be registered in JumboLife to receive appropriate approval from the Office for Campus Life.
  • University Department events must be registered in JumboLife to allow for proper attendance tracking and contact tracing as needed.
  • When submitting your Event Registration Form, be sure to clearly articulate the social distance procedures in the event description section. For example, “Participants will sign up for their pick-up time by completing this form (insert organization-specific form or survey). No more than 10 people can sign up for each time slot. Social distancing guidelines will be enforced during pick-up windows using line markers and a dedicated volunteer to monitor the line.”


  • Whenever possible, the event should be outdoors. Indoor events will only be approved for special circumstanced in specific areas. Please contact the Office for Campus Life if you’d like to host an indoor event.
  • Outdoor heaters are available for rent through Taylor Rental. Please contact the Office for Campus Life for more information.
  • Student Organization events may only occur in reservable spaces in ReserveTufts. University Departments have the flexibility to use their department spaces, but are encouraged to utilize public event spaces when possible, or reserve nearby event spaces to prevent overcrowding in the area (i.e. if hosting an event in Tisch Library lobby, reserve the Tisch Patio on Reserve Tufts).
  • Events and line queues should not block public sidewalks or hallways. Queuing may never take place on public sidewalks, such as the sidewalk on the side of Professors Row or Talbot Ave.
  • When possible, avoid queuing on stairs, and leave gaps in the queue to allow foot traffic to pass at intersections of sidewalk or hallways.

Setup & Restrictions:

  • Proper signage and line markings are required to maintain social distancing of 6ft, even when you do not anticipate more than a few students arriving at a time. The Office for Campus Life has reusable line markers (Exhibit A) and signage that may be reserved via the JumboLife Event Registration Form. Sample signage is included below (Exhibit B).
  • Hand Sanitizer should be readily available.
  • To ensure proper social distancing, use two tables one in front of the other or rope and stanchions so that students coming up to the table maintain appropriate social distance. Alternatively, for indoor events, plexiglass barriers (Exhibit C) may be used to provide a barrier between volunteers and participants, which can be reserved via the JumboLife Event Registration Form.
  • It is important to ensure students are not congregating in the area after they have picked up their items. Removing seating to prevent congregating is encouraged.
  • Whenever possible, items should be pre-packaged and handed directly to students. Food items are required by municipal guidelines to be individually wrapped.
    • For example, if students are picking up a study kit where they get 3 items and can pick between two additional items, the bags with the three items should be preassembled, and then students may tell your volunteers which fourth item they want, and it is added to the bag and handed to the student.
    • To prevent the spread of germs via touch, students should never be able to come up to a table and rummage through a variety of items to decide on their preferred items.
  • Any food items must be individually packaged in personal serving sized containers (i.e. cookies or cupcakes that are individually packaged by the caterer/vendor). You may not put items into individual packaging yourselves (i.e. buy a dozen donuts and put them into individual bags for handout). All other guidelines for serving food still apply.
  • Additional restrictions are in place for Food Trucks per the City of Somerville and Medford, and require special approval by the University medical team. Please contact the Office for Campus Life if you would like to host a food truck on campus.

Attendance & Tracking:

  • When possible, students should register in advance or sign up for designated pickup windows to prevent overcrowding. Alternatively, additional volunteer support should be designated to manage lines, ensuring students follow social distancing, and that the line queue does not have more students than items for pickup.
  • Attendance tracking must be taken via JumboLife, either using the scanning feature of the Mobile App or manual entry on the Admin Portal. Additional information on how to take attendance using JumboLife can be found here. You’ll need your event PIN found on the Events Page of the JumboLife Admin Dashboard.
  • All participants should be recorded in JumboLife, including volunteers and students who were in line but turned away.
  • As required for all in-person services, students should show proof of compliance via their Daily Health Screening survey prior to being permitted to participate.


  • Before starting their volunteer shift, volunteers should wash their hands and show proof of compliance via their Daily Health Screening.
  • Volunteers should be briefed on the policies outlined above and be comfortable enforcing social distancing and mask guidelines as needed.
  • The number of volunteers behind or at the table should be limited to ensure they maintain social distancing.
  • Volunteers should be assigned to manage line queueing, including ensuring no more than one person is waiting per line marker, that students are wearing a mask, and that they have their ID out to prevent any delay when they get to the front of the line.

Borrowing COVID Equipment from the Office for Campus Life:

  • The Office for Campus Life has line markers, signage, and plexiglass tabletop barriers available for use at Student Organization and University Department sponsored Grab-n-Go events. To request equipment, complete the Event Registration Form on JumboLife.
  • Requests are not guaranteed, and reservations will be granted on a first come, first served basis.
  • When confirmed, the event contact will receive an email from the Office for Campus Life with details on when to pickup their items. Items must be picked up from and returned to the Office for Campus Life (not the Campus Center Information Booth) during business hours (M-F 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.).
  • If any items are missing or damaged when returned, a replacement fee will be charged to the sponsoring organization or department.

Exhibit A: Reusable Spot Marker, Green, 9”

Reserve via the JumboLife Event Registration Form at


Exhibit B: Sample Signage

Reserve a 2x3ft sandwich board via the JumboLife Event Registration Form at

Download a printable 8.5×11 sign at

Exhibit C: Plexiglass Barriers, 48” W x 32” H

Reserve via the JumboLife Event Registration Form at