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General Guidelines for Student Organizations and Departments:

  • Posters advertising events sponsored by TCU-recognized organizations, including all fraternities and sororities, may be posted on campus only in authorized areas.
  • Postings should be attached with tacks or masking tape (scotch tape, duct tape, glue and staples are not permitted).
  • Organizations may not place their posters such that they obscure the posters of others.
  • No more than six total posters (maximum size of 11 x 17) will be allowed per event on the two primary outdoor posting locations on campus which include the Campus Center Breezeway between Bookstore and Mayer campus Center and the walls along the Tisch Library steps.
  • Any posting that cannot be immediately and easily removed, such as stickers, paint, spray chalk, is prohibited.Inside any residential building. Please refer to the Residential Life Posting Policy for information on how to promote within a residence hall.

Authorized Locations:

  • Designated bulletin boards in academic buildings across campus, including: Aidekman, Barnum, Eaton, Olin, SEC, and 574 Boston Ave.
  • Designated bulletin boards in the Mayer Campus Center, Dewick, Carmichael, Tisch Library, Tisch Sports Complex, 230 The Fenway, and in the six Identity Centers (with permission).
  • Designated outdoor boards, including: outside of Goddard Chapel, near the Cannon, outside Anderson Hall, and outside of Dewick.
  • The walls of the Campus Center breezeway between the Bookstore and the Campus Center.
  • The walls along the Tisch Library steps.

Unauthorized Locations:

  • Inside any residential building. Please refer to the Residential Life Posting Policy for information on how to promote within a residence hall.
  • Building walls, exterior or interior.
  • Any entrance, exit, classroom or hallway doors of any campus building.
  • Fences, trees, patios, pavement, sidewalks, steps, handrails, light posts, street signs, trash cans, shuttle stops or Tufts Bike kiosks.
  • Bathrooms or bathroom stalls of any campus building.


  • Chalking is permissible in outdoor, public areas where it can easily be washed away by rain. Chalking is not permitted in areas inaccessible to rain, such as the walkway between the Campus Center and the Bookstore or any vertical surface such as the sides of buildings, retaining walls, or the backs of steps. There is to be no use of materials other than water soluble sidewalk brand stick chalk, such as spray chalk.
  • No chalking of any kind is allowed on Matriculation Day or Commencement Day without prior approval.

Distribution of Print Materials:

  • Print publications may only be distributed in the approved media racks in the Mayer Campus Center entrances, Dewick and Carmichael Dining Halls, Tisch Library, and Dowling Hall lobby.
  • Print publications may not be left on tables or benches in the Campus Center, dining halls, or any other campus building.
  • Door-to-door canvassing (including to campus residence halls or offices) prohibited.


  • No banners may be posted on the exterior of any university buildings, including residence halls and fraternities and sororities, No banners may be hung of draped on trees, lampposts, or other structures, including stakes in the ground. Banners or placards may be held by those participating in an event, rally, or demonstration. Banners may be put out on tables to advertise while tabling at approved campus tabling locations.

Off Campus Advertising:

  • Off-campus advertising is only allowed with the permission of the Office for Campus Life.