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General Events on Campus

Most student organization sponsored programs and events will take place on campus for Tufts students only within a one to four hour block of time. Student organizations should follow all event registration guidelines listed in this Roadmap and on the Office for Campus Life website in planning and executing their events.
NOTE:  Special Guidelines for Food Trucks at student organization events.

Off Campus Event

Student organizations may be interested in hosting a Tufts University sponsored event at an off campus location. These events are often social events held at a hotel, club or conference facility. While these events are generally allowed there are a few guidelines and policies that must be followed. Any student organization looking to host an event at an off campus location must contact the Office for Campus Life prior to any planning. These events usually require contract negotiation (please refer to Contracts for Goods and Services on Page 5). All other policies stated in this Roadmap, including guest policy, ticket policy, alcohol policy etc. apply to off campus events.

Multi-Day/Full Weekend Events on Campus

Some student organizations will request permission for multi-day or full weekend events. These include conferences, competitions or meetings.   Often these types of events also include significant numbers of participants from off campus. While we welcome these types of events and their participants to Tufts University, they often use significant campus resources and take extra planning and coordination. All other regular scheduled campus functions and events will take priority over these types of events and based on timing, numbers of participants and available resources a specific program of this nature may not be approved. Student organizations seeking to host a multi-day event must get prior approval from the Office for Campus Life before any planning of the event can begin. Note: Depending on the type of event and spaces being used the guest policy guidelines may be waived for a multi-day event. Please contact the Office for Campus Life for details.

City Wide Event Planning

Student organizations may request to host a “City Wide” event that hosts both Tufts students and students from other universities/colleges. City Wide dates must be approved 4 weeks in advance to ensure proper staffing and ticket sales. Please contact the when you start planning your event.

City Wide Event Requirements


  • Must be requested 4 weeks prior to event date, late requests are subject to approval based on staffing and the student organization may be asked to move the event date
  • City Wide events must occur on a Friday or Saturday evening
    • 9pm – 12:30am or 10pm – 1:30am
    • All City Wide events must end at 1:30am to allow for proper breakdown and reset of the space
  • 3 City Wide events are allowed per semester
  • Ticket Contracts should be submitted at least 5 business days prior to ticket sales date
    • All contract information must be approved by OCL before publishing on flyers or social media
  • Attend an Event Registration Meeting


  • City Wide events must be held in Hotung Café at the Mayer Campus Center
  • All City Wide events must end at or before 1:30am
  • Maximum capacity is 150
  • Tufts Catering is the only food provider for Hotung Café


  • All tickets must be sold at
    • Use of Eventbrite or other site is not allowed
    • Use of bulk tickets to sell via Venmo/CashApp/etc. is not allowed
  • Tickets (150) will be sold online and at the Information Booth prior to the event date
  • Tickets will not be sold at the door in any circumstance
  • If tickets do not sell out prior to the event day at 5pm, any remaining will be sold ONLINE ONLY
  • Tickets will never be sold at the door of the event
  • There are two ticketing options for City Wide Events that the student organization host may choose from:
    • Option 1) Tickets are available for purchase by TUFTS STUDENTS ONLY with up to 3 guest tickets available for purchase
    • Option 2) Tickets are available for purchase by Tufts Students (Online & Booth until day of) and General Public (ONLINE ONLY)


  • Student organization host must have a minimum of 2 volunteers to stay and manage guests until event space is empty and reset (approx. 2am)
  • OCL Event Staff and TUPD are required and will be scheduled by the OCL
    • Student Organizations must pay the Event Staff fee, but are not required to pay for TUPD


  • Tufts attendees must:
    • Present valid Tufts ID for entry
    • Be responsible for any guests
  • All NON-Tufts attendees must be:
    • Current Massachusetts college/university students with college/university ID present
    • 18+ years of age with valid Government Issued ID
      • Both forms of Identification are needed for entry, regardless of ticket purchase
      • Tickets are non-refundable at any time
        • Tickets will not be refunded if attendee cannot present both IDs at the door
      • OCL will provide wristbands and water for City Wide events
      • Events with performances must be approved by the OCL 4 weeks in advance
        • Performers will not have access to a green room or alternate space and must remain in the event at all times until their departure