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Information is changing regularly, so check back often!
Updated February 18, 2021.

General Operations & Meetings

    • Meetings of up to 10 people are allowed in-person. The space must accommodate physical distancing of six feet between participants.
    • Face coverings are required at all times for any meeting, event or program.
    • Pursuant to the University-wide no visitor policy, outside guests are prohibited on campus for all student organization purposes. This includes but is not limited to speakers, performers, photographers, judges, and other vendors.
    • Printed publications are under the same limitations as the fall semester
    • On-campus student organization office spaces may be used for in-person gatherings with capacity and physical distancing guidelines in place.

Events & Travel

    • All events, programs, or gatherings both indoors and outdoors are limited to 10 people.
    • There has been no change to the University’s policy on singing and the playing of wind/brass instruments
    • Dance groups must strictly adhere to all physical distancing guidelines as well as additional guidelines based on the space and type of performance. Tufts will be adhering to the guidelines of the National Dance Education Organization of 10-12 feet distance between dancers. Groups may rehearse in-person with 10 people or less.
    • Restrictions on club sports have not changed. The Department of Athletics is working closely with the University medical team and local boards of health on future options for the return of club sports once it has been deemed safe to do so. Club sport leaders will be kept informed of any changes.
    • Tabling/vending is prohibited indoors. Some outdoor tabling opportunities may be available on a limited basis.
    • All travel for student organizations is prohibited. This includes ROTC programs and local travel for community service projects.

Hybrid Event Supply Pick Up Protocol

    • Student organizations may offer virtual events that require participants to pick up supplies in person. These events must have a pre-registration process to ensure thoughtful planning for pick-up hours.
    • Distribution must follow the same guidelines as Grab-n-Go events, with the exception that pre-registered students may pick up their supplies from an organization office space. 
    • Distribution of supplies may not take place in public spaces such as dining spaces, Campus Center patios, or the Campus Center Information Booth. 
    • All hybrid virtual/pick-up events must be registered on JumboLife, and attendance must be taken.

Grab-n-Go Event Protocol

    • Full Grab-n-Go event protocols can be reviewed at
    • The Office for Campus Life will only permit one Grab-n-Go event per day, with up to five per week. 
    • Grab-n-Go events, where pre-registration is not required and students receive a giveaway item or package, are permitted in any reservable event space that also permits appropriate line spacing. 
    • Items must be pre-packaged and handed directly to students (rather than students touching/making selections themselves). 
    • Only store-bought, individually packaged food may be distributed (i.e. snack packs of chips). 
    • Equipment, including line markers and signage, can be reserved under the “Student Organization Event Planning Details” section of the JumboLife Event Registration Form. 
    • All pick-up events must be registered on JumboLife, and attendance must be taken.

Attendance Recording

Leadership Transition 

Transition in JumboLife

If your organization leadership transitions mid-year, please email to request that your organization be put into Transition so that you may enter your new leadership, and automatically grant them access to the JumboLife Admin Dashboard and access to ReserveTufts.

    • You can only submit this once, please ensure you have all your updates complete prior to submitting.
    • Once your submission is approved, any members added as an officer (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Committee Chair) will automatically be granted admin access with the ability to manage your organization, including edit your registration (and thus public page) as well as your roster and submit/edit events.
    • Once your submission is approved, any officers who are removed will automatically have their admin access revoked.
    • Because of this automation, the officer positions are limited to those listed above. We recognize many groups have custom position names, and those individuals should be listed as a “Committee Chair.” Please list those that most closely align to the other officer roles, and note that you must include a president and treasurer.
    • Approval typically takes 1-3 business days after being submitted.

TCU Signatories

If your TCU Treasury Signatories change, please complete the Signatory Authorization Form, noting the outgoing signatory who currently has access to the JumboLife Financial Tools.

ReserveTufts Access

To update your organization’s contact person for ReserveTufts access, please update your Organization Registration Form in JumboLife.