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Add Summer 2020 Contacts:

If you are a new contact for a student organization for the Summer/Fall 2020 and would like to receive email updates during the summer, please sign up to our contact list. Currently, all student organization contacts for Spring 2020 will receive summer emails.

Create a Transition Document:

Utilize our Transition Report template, or create your own, including the following information:

  • What have you done in your student org?
    • Define your role and responsibilities
    • Goals and achievements
    • Projects throughout the year
    • Planning and project management
    • Existing relationships and ongoing projects
    • Vision for the future of the student organization
  • Things to consider as you’re preparing your transition documents:
    • What did you wish you knew when you began this position?
    • What was the hardest part for you?
    • What can this person change or do differently next year?

Compile Files & Resources:

  • Member Contact List
  • Vendor Contact List
  • Sample Forms
  • Passwords & Account Information
    • Email
    • Website
    • Social Media Accounts
    • E-List Access
    • GroupMe/Slack Ownership
  • Event Planning Timelines
    • When do you reserve the space?
    • When do you start to reach out to vendors?
    • When should you attend Event Reg and process any facilities, catering, or TUPD detail requests?
  • Organization Calendar
    • Event Planning Timeline
    • What’s your recruitment timeline for new members in the? Include GIM, auditions/tryouts, and elections.
    • What’s your leader transition timeline? Do you transition mid-year or in the spring? Include applications going live, application due date, interview or election dates.
    • How often do you meet? When and where do you meet?
  • Student Organization’s Constitution
  • Job/Role Descriptions
  • Organization Goals or Strategic Plan
  • Sample Meeting Agenda & Minutes
  • Budget & Corresponding Notes

Incoming Officers:

  • Review Outgoing Officer’s Transition Report(s)
    • Update any notes/goals you have for the year.
    • Ensure you have all items needed, such as passwords, contact lists, forms or paperwork.
    • Update structure or officer job descriptions as needed.
  • Visit the OCL Summer 2020 Planning page
    • Complete OCL Student Organization Registration in August
      • Note: This is separate from TCUJ Re-Rec or TCU Treasury Signatory
  • Review OCL Policies & Procedures
  • Create/Update a Calendar
      • Include all important meetings, events, planning deadlines.
      • Include the Student Organization Fair, GIM meetings, tryout/audition/interviews, TCU Treasury Trainings, OCL Trainings