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Each currently TCU recognized student organization, sub-group, Club Sport, recognized Graduate Student Organization and student organization represented by a department will be required to register with the Office for Campus Life. Registration is now open.  Just a reminder that this registration has nothing to do with the TCUJ Re-recognition process, I know many of you have already gone through that, however it is required to register each year with OCL.

By registering with OCL each organization will then be granted access to the annual Student Organizations FairFYI, the 2018 Student Organizations Fair will be on Wednesday September 12th  from 5 pm – 7 pm on the Residential Quad!  Please note the Student Organizations Fair is for currently recognized student organizations only.  The new student organization application process will not begin until end of September.

Following the Student Organizations Fair will be the annual OCL Executive Seminar and TCU Treasury Meetings.  Each of these will be offered twice to accommodate schedules, Wednesday 9/12 and Thursday 9/13, 7:30 pm Executive Summit; 8:30 pm Treasury Meeting.  As always the Treasury meeting is only for  TCU funded groups and requires the attendance of both Signatories.  The OCL Executive summit requires that one representative from all organizations attend.

By registering with OCL your organization will then be granted Space Reservation Access for the 2018-2019 academic year.  It may take up to 10 days from when you register to get this access.  Once access is granted the contact names will receive an email from the Reservations Office.