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There are several University departments and resources to assist student organizations with all their event planning needs.  Please review information below, as well as other tabs on the Event Planning part of this website.  Other helpful information to assist with your event planning can be found on the  Forms and Policies page.

University Support Services

Interdepartmental Requests for Services

Often a student organization’s event may require services from various campus departments. There are various ordering and payment systems depending on the department.  Please see below for more detailed information and links to various departments.

Friday Event Registration Meetings

Don’t worry, most of these discussions about your event needs will take place at the Friday Event Registration meeting prior to your event.  For most spaces on campus student organization representatives will be invited to the weekly Event Registration Meeting organized by the Office for Campus Life.  At this meeting are representatives from various campus departments here to help.  We will ask that you discuss your event plans.  We will then work with you to make sure all paperwork and other support requests are finalized so that following this meeting your event is approved.  NOTE:  It is required that space requests are made at least 3 weeks in advance to allow for attendance at the Event Registration Meeting and the work to be done to finalize the event.  Some spaces do not go through the Event Registration system, however any student organization is welcome to attend to help with the planning of their upcoming event.  The Friday Event Registration Meetings take place in Campus Center 203 at 10 am every Friday.

Audio/Visual Services

The need for audi0/visual services often depends on the space being used.  Please review information on the Space and Resource Reservation System on specific equipment in the space you are reserving.  The space may already have what you need.  Should you require A/V services from the University you will need to place an on-line request through A/V Services.  Once the work has been completed the fee will be charged directly to your organization’s Dept ID.  A/V Services is happy to first provide you with a quote before finalizing your order.

Custodial Services/Facilities

The Facilities Department offers a variety of services and equipment to assist student organizations with their event planning.  Requests are often based on the space being used as all spaces are different and have varying requirements.  Please review the information on the Space and Resource Reservation System to see what the space you are using already has for furniture and a set-up. Some spaces allow for student set-up while others require facilities staff.  Student organization event facilities needs should be officially requested at the Friday Event Registration Meeting. Once finalized the Office for Campus Life will place your request in the on-line Facilities request system.  Student organizations are not permitted to put in their own requests to the Facilities on-line order system.


Guidelines for food at events are often dictated by the specific space being used. Please refer to the details of specific spaces in the Space and Resource Reservation System. Many spaces do allow outside food, however this should all be approved for student organizations as part of the event registration process. Questions should come directly to the Office for Campus Life prior to planning an event or purchasing food. Should you need the services of Tufts Catering please visit their website for details on what they are able to offer.  Tufts Catering is willing to work with student organizations on their many specific needs and we suggest calling to speak with a Catering representative prior to placing your order.  Tufts Catering can be found at 89 Curtis Street, 617-627-3411.  Please see the Food Vending and Distribution Guidelines for further information.