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Orientation Week Campus Center Hours

Orientation Campus Center and Information Booth Hours

Wednesday 9/2 – 8am – 8pm

Thursday 9/3 – 8am – 8pm

Friday 9/4 – 8am – 1am

Saturday 9/5 – 10am – 10pm

Sunday 9/6 – 10am – 10pm

Monday 9/7 – 10 ...

Tufts Ticket Information

For more information and FAQs about Tufts Tickets accounts, please click here .

Mandatory Student Organization Programs

At the beginning of each year, recognized student organizations are required to take part in several mandatory programs.
Click here for details and requirements for attendance.

Annual OCL Student Organization Registration Open

Currently recognized student organizations need to register with OCL at the start of each year. Please make sure only one student per group fills out this form. Click here for information and to register.

TuftsOCL on Twitter

TuftsOCL on Facebook

Congrats to all the OCL Graduating Seniors!

Congrats to all the OCL Graduating Seniors!